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Condrill AB, was founded in 1975 by Harry Nilsson. The Company´s original aim was to provide water for the agriculture sector and municipalities within Libya.  Starting work on the Cyrenaican slopes of the Jebel Akhdar, Condrill AB has since drilled deep water wells across the country.  The company has expended into additional activities, supporting the oil and gas industry with work, including specialist drilling, cathodic protection, grouting and blasting. 


The challenges facing Condrill AB in the execution of their work become apparent when considering the statistics. The 1.76 million km2 of Libya receives only 26 mm of rainfall per year, making the cultivable land less than 1.2% of the total area. Increasing desertification and unsustainable pressure on dwindling coastal water sources has called for the utilisation of deeper wells, tapping into hitherto inaccessible water sources.


In view of this, Condrill AB has committed itself to the specialist activity of deep water well drilling. This involves the mobilisation of their workforce in such a way that they are able to send drilling rigs to extremely difficult and inaccessible locations. To-date no project has proved too difficult for the company to undertake.

Continuous investment in new equipment, personnel training and the development of a national workforce is an indication of the Company´s long term commitment to the future and their desire to remain at the forefront of the drilling business in Libya.