Cathodic protection


Condrill is the company with most experience in installation of cathodic protection anodes in Libya. We have installed shallow sacrificial anodes as well as deep-well impressed current systems for most oil-companies, The Man-made river project, powerstations and commercial buildings.

We provide not only the drilling and anode installation work, but together with associated engineering companies we also provide the design, engineering, supply and commissioning of cathodic protection systems.


Sacrificial  Anodes

Condrill installed some 150,000 sacrificial anodes for the Man-Made River project. Zinc and Magnesium anodes were installed with bentonite back-fill.


Drilling Team

Sacrificial Anodes

Pumping Back-filll

Installing Anodes

Retrieving temporary casing

Connection to pipe line



Impressed current systems Anodes

Most anodes installed for the Oil-companies have been for impressed current. Clients include AGOCO, Brega Petroleum, Veba,Waha,Melitta Oil and Gas, Ras Lanuf as well as the Man-Made River project, power-stations and commercial buildings.


Prepare Anodes

Installing Anodes

Well-head  Anode suspension